When setting up your online course, you may want to record a video for use as an introduction or as lectures in your lessons. Doing so adds a more personal element to your online course and can assist students with learning course content.  Based on two studies from MIT and The University of Wisconsin-Stout, videos should be shorter in length to maximize effectiveness.[1] Both studies recommend using videos that are shorter than 15 minutes.

This article will walk you through recording videos for your CSC-Online courses, uploading these videos to Youtube, and then embedding these videos in your CSC-Online course.

Step 1: Recording your Video with Zoom

If you have not already downloaded Zoom, click here and follow the steps to do so.

a. Open Zoom and click “Start with Video.”

b. On the options menu at the bottom of your Zoom screen, select “Record” and then “Record to this Computer.”

c. If you wish to share your screen, an open program such as PowerPoint, or a video you’d like to lecture over, click the “Share” button on the options menu at the bottom of your Zoom screen. From here you can share your main desktop or a secondary screen, a specific document, or a program or webpage you have open.

Note: If you plan on sharing a document or video that has sound and want your viewers to hear it, check the “Share computer sound” checkbox in the bottom left corner of the Share screen.

Note: The program you wish to share must already be open before clicking the “Share” button.

d. When you are finished recording your video, click the red “stop share” button if you are sharing anything, click the “End Meeting” button and then “End Meeting for All” to end the meeting.

e. Your video will then download to your computer. The folder containing the video will open automatically. If you wish to locate the video later, open windows explorer (the folder icon). Your video will be located under PC>Documents>Zoom. Your Video will be saved under the date and time it was recorded.

Watch the video directly below to view an example of what your video will look like to your viewers.

Step 2: Uploading your video to YouTube

To embed a video on your CSC-Online page, you’ll want to use a reliable and easily-navigable video hosting platform such as YouTube. You’re free to use your personal Gmail/Google account to upload videos, but it is suggested you create a separate account specifically for your CSC-Online videos.

a. Go to youtube.com and click the “SIGN IN” Link in the top right corner of the window.

b. Choose an existing Google account OR follow the steps to create a new one here.

c. In the top right corner of YouTube, click the camera icon and select “Upload video.”

d. From the drop-down list, select if you’d like your video to be Public (anyone can see the video) or unlisted (only those who know the link or are viewing it embedded can see the video).

Note: Do Not select Private, as it will make it too difficult for students to view the final  embedded video in CSC-Online.

e. Locate your video folder in PC>Documents>Zoom and drag and drop the .mp4 file into the upload window.

f. Type a title, description, or tags in the appropriate text boxes for the video. Once the video has finished uploading, press the Done button in the top right of the page.

Step 3: Embedding your video in CSC-Online

a. Navigate to your video on YouTube. This can be done by going to studio.youtube.com. If you are not already signed in, choose the Google account you uploaded the video under.

b. From your YouTube Studio page, select Videos from the menu on the left.

c. Locate the video you want to embed on CSC-Online and click it. On the resulting page, click the video icon in the top left to view the video on YouTube. Copy the URL web address from the URL bar on the video’s page.

d. Navigate to the course and page you wish to embed the video on in CSC-Online.

e. In the section you wish to embed the video, click the Plus icon in the bottom right of the section. From the drop-down list that appears, select “Embed content on page.”

f. In the “Or add a URL or embed code” box, paste the URL to your video from YouTube. Add a space by pressing the spacebar at the end of the pasted link. Click Save.

Note: You must add a space at the end of the pasted link for the video to embed.