This article is part three of the Guide to staging an online course site series.


  • You must have a role of "Course Builder" or "Instructor" in each of the course sites involved in the importing process
  • You may import all content from other course sites, including:
    • Courses taught in previous terms (e.g. import from SP18 to SP19)
    • Other assigned sections of a course (e.g. import from 9901 to 9902)
    • Course content available in a Master Version or Development shells
    • Courses owned by other instructors (one instructor must be added as a "Course Builder" or an "Instructor" in the other's course)
  • You should take care to only complete this process in the empty (new) course site. Accidentally importing into an existing course may delete all of the content.
  • You will receive an email notification when the process is completed, depending on your email preferences.


  1. Navigate to the new, empty site where you would like to copy the content.
    • Be careful to select the empty course shell that will be the destination for the content you are about to copy. (You do not want to overwrite an existing course with a blank site, as this will delete your content.)
  2. Select Site Info in the course tool menu.
  3. Select Import from Site.
  4. Click the "I would like to replace my data" link.
    • Selecting the option to replace your data will transfer your site content, as well as your Gradebook settings.
    • Tip: If you have existing content that you do not want to overwrite, or if you do not want to import Gradebook settings, you could choose the "merge my data" link instead.
  5. Select the course you want to copy from.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Choose the material you would like to copy.
  8. You may select all of the tools or a subset of tools if you prefer.
    • If a tool is not active in the current site, the tool will have a + mark to indicate that it will be added to the current site if selected for import.
  9. Once you have made your tool selections, click Finish to complete the import.

Note: The content import process may take a while depending on how much content you have, or if there is an existing queue for course imports on the server. Please wait for the process to finish.

Attribution: This article was adapted from the article "How do I copy my content from one site to another?" provided in the Sakai 11 User Guide, maintained by the Sakai Community.

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