The goal of this guide is to demonstrate many of the tasks that you may encounter when preparing to teach a previously-developed course in CSC Online-Sakai. This guide is structured as a collection of articles, each discussing a specific topic. On this page, you will find an index of the articles contained in this guide.

If you are aware of any changes or additional information that you would like provided, please use the feedback options available at the bottom of each page. Next to the question "Did you find it helpful?", select No and use the comments area to provide further details. Of course, if the information is useful to you, you may also select Yes.

Topics in this guide:

You may choose to work through these articles in the sequence provided, or jump to a specific topic as needed.

1. Update the course contact information

Learn the hows and whys of updating the contact information in your course.

2. Configure course tools and menu items

Learn how to only display the menu items and tools that your students will need and how to add new tools.

3. Import content from another course site

Learn how to copy course content from a previous term, another course section, or a master version.

4. Upload the course syllabus

Learn how to create and upload an accessible syllabus into your course.

5. Preview class content as a student

Learn how to see what your students will see in a course.

6. Update Course Home sections

Learn how to welcome your students to the course with up-to-date information.

7. Revise dates and publish content

Learn how to manage the dates which control your student's access to course materials and activities.

8. Organize the Gradebook

Learn how to set up and manage your Gradebook effectively.

9. Manage student groups

Learn how to create and utilize student groups in your course.

Download a printable checklist of all steps provided in this guide