The instructions in this article are now outdated following the Sakai 12 upgrade on March 5th, 2019. Please view the following Sakai User Guide article for the new and improve testing accommodations process:

How do I give specific students different time or date settings for an assessment?

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CSC Online instructors often receive requests to provide students with accommodations for extended testing times. This article reviews the process for setting up an assessment for special accommodations in the Test & Quizzes tool and provides information about student access.

There are three key steps to remember:

  1. Create a unique group in Site Info
  2. Duplicate the original test
  3. Release the duplicate test for the unique group

General procedure for accommodation requests

Step 1

  1. In Site Info > select Manage Groups
  2. Create a new group and add the student(s) requiring accommodation
    Important – Do not identify the student’s name or the purpose of the group in the group title!
  3. Select “Add” to save the new group

Step 2

  1. Open Tests & Quizzes > Working Copies
  2. Create a Duplicate of the original assessment (Actions > Duplicate)
  3. Confirm assessment duplication

Step 3

  1. Open the DUPLICATED assessment settings
  2. Release the assessment for only the group created in Step 1 (Change “assessment released to” > Selected Groups and check the group.
  3. Edit settings as required by the accommodation request (e.g., set time limit to allow additional time)
  4. Modify assessment title (expand the “About this assessment” section and edit title text)

Important information about how all students see the exams and groups

After following the general procedure, only the student with accommodations will see the duplicate exam and the related Gradebook entries (if applicable). However, the student with accommodations will also see the original exam. The instructor MUST communicate to the student which exam version to take. Additionally, other students will be able to see the group title and membership (but not the duplicate exam or gradebook entries). Ensure that the group title is generic, and not descriptive of the purpose it serves or the group membership.

Planned Improvements in Sakai 12

An updated and simplified workflow for special testing accommodations will be made available with the next Sakai upgrade. Sakai 12 will add settings to allow extended delivery of assessments for select individuals and groups, eliminating the need to create a duplicate exam.