Write a message to welcome your students to the course and provide them with information about the course and what they can expect to learn. Better yet, consider adding audio or video to make your message more personal and to assist your students in getting to know you. If you need assistance with creating a video, contact

  • include info about the course (course number, title, how the course fits into the curriculum of your program, etc.)
  • explain what students will learn in the course
  • briefly describe the purpose of the course and why the content is relevant and important for your students to learn and/or apply
  • provide a brief explanation of how the course is structured and which course tools will be used
  • describe ways the course design will help students achieve the stated course learning outcomes
  • outline expectations for student participation in the course including how often to log in and how much time to spend on homework
  • detail any special instructions for assignments, projects, and/or assessments including important due dates and any exam proctoring requirements if applicable}

More Information 

Part six of the Guide to setting up an online course contains in-depth instructions about working with this section, including step-by-step instructions for adding text, adjusting columns, and embedding media:

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