Creating an accessible syllabus (recommended)

  1. Download a copy of the Chadron State College Syllabus Template document
  2. Follow the instructions provided in the Syllabus template

Uploading a Syllabus to your course

Follow these steps to upload your new or existing syllabus to the course:

  1. Upload a .PDF version of the Syllabus to the Syllabus folder in the Resources tool
    • It is important that you upload a PDF version of the Syllabus so that all students may view the file correctly.  If you choose, you may also upload the Word (text editor) version in addition to the PDF so that you have an editable version of the syllabus on hand.
  2. Click the Add Items button in the Syllabus section of Course Home, and select "Add Content Links"
  3. Click select existing files from Resources
  4. Navigate to the Syllabus folder, and click Select next to the syllabus PDF
  5. Click Continue near the bottom of the page
  6. You may edit the syllabus link text by clicking the edit button and updating the text in the Item Name field

Adding a Syllabus to the Course Menu (optional)

If you would like for the Syllabus to appear in the left-hand course menu, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the previous steps to upload a PDF version of your syllabus to the Resources tool
  2. Go to Resources, and click Actions next to the PDF syllabus file.
  3. Select Make Web Content Link
  4. Enter "Syllabus" in the title text input and click Add
  5. A new menu item titled "Syllabus" will be added to the bottom of the course tool menu. Go to Site Info > Tool Order  and rearrange the menu items to move the Syllabus link up.