Information to include in an instructor profile

  • photo
  • name
  • office
  • phone
  • linked email address

Other important items of information for students to know and to include in the Meet Your Instructor section or video are:

  • clearly define preferred communication methods (e.g., EagleMail or via the Messages tool within the course site.
    • NOTE: If you opt not to use the Messages tool, make this tool invisible to students via Site Info >Tool Order. Click the gear icon next to Messages and select Make Tool Invisible to Students)
  • highlight the best times when students can reach you directly at the email and phone contact information listed above
  • set student expectations, alleviate concerns, and cut down on repetitive emails and calls from students by detailing specific time expectations for when students can expect responses to their emails,  phone calls, and assignment submissions
  • provide brief details regarding your educational and work background
  • convey why you are passionate about your discipline and why the content is important to you
  • share a little about you such as hobbies, travel, interests, pets (optional)

Embed an instructor photo or introduction video

  1. Edit the Instructor Photo/Video Placeholder
  2. Click Change File or URL
  3. Choose the media file
    • To upload a new image, click Choose Files
    • To select an existing image located in resources, click Or select existing files from Resources
    • To embed a video from YouTube or Stream, paste the YouTube URL, or embed code, in the text area under Or add a URL or "embed code"
  4. Click Save