If you choose not to use the template, click More Tools on the Course Home page and select Remove Page 


The Course Home page is included in this course site as part of the CSC Online Course Template. The template is a guide for you to use in designing an educational experience that supports learning for your students. Feel free to draw ideas from it and use what you like as you structure your course.

If you would like to learn more about adapting the template for use in your courses, please keep reading!

Welcome to the Online Course Template

This online course template, provided by the CSC Teaching & Learning Center, is intended as a guide to assist you in creating a course based on quality design standards to support learning for students. The template is a recommended starting point for you to use in developing your online course. Use the template to generate your own ideas and adapt it to best suit your course.

To use the template and customize it for your course, complete the check-marked items listed under each of the following course tools:

Importing course content

The first time that course content is imported for use in the template, you must select the option “I would like to merge my data” when using Site Info > Import from Site. This retains the "Course Home" page and related subpages and Resources provided in the template while importing the additional Lessons pages and Resources from your previous course site. To import Gradebook settings, you may complete a second import and only mark the Gradebook tool. For subsequent terms, after you are finished integrating your content into the template, you may complete the import process once, selecting the “I would like to replace my data” option.

The "Course Home" page

Revise the sections included in the Course Home page to reflect your style and voice. Complete the steps below to create a Course Home page which introduces you to your students, provides a general course overview, and guides students in how to get started with the course components.

The "Welcome" section

  1. Update the section title with the appropriate course title.
    • Click on the Column properties icon for the "Welcome" section.
    • In the Section Title property field, add the title of your course and select SAVE. For example, "Welcome to EDUC 101: Teaching Methods".
  2. Replace the video placeholder with one that you create, or delete the video placeholder and use the REORDER option, located near the top left of the page, to delete the remaining column break.

The "Syllabus" section

  1. Upload and link to your course syllabus in the Syllabus section of the Course Home page.

The "Getting Started" unit subpage

  1. Open and edit the Getting Started subpage
  2. Add your instructor profile in the "Meet you Instructor" section
  3. Replace the photo/video placeholder with your own, or delete the placeholder

Course Unit subpages

  1. Revise the subpage (unit) titles and descriptions to reflect your style and voice, and organize each course unit’s components (outcomes, instructional materials, activities, and assessments) to enhance the learning experience for your students.
  2. Open each unit and edit the Introduction, Outcomes & Checklist, Readings, Lectures, Assignments, and References sections to reflect appropriate content for your course


To help create a welcoming learning environment and a sense of community in the course, an initial discussion assignment asks students to introduce themselves.

  1. Edit the Topic Settings for Discussion U00-01 and Save to make this assignment available for students to participate.
  2. Note: If you would like this discussion to be part of the graded course assignments, keep in mind that you must first create a gradebook item for this topic in the Gradebook or Gradebook Classic tool before you will be able to create an association, in the topic settings, between the discussion topic and the gradebook item.

Learn more about the Forums tool.

Hide Extraneous Menu Items

Hide the tools and items in the course menu that will not be used in the course. Completing this step helps to eliminate clutter, alleviate confusion for students, and facilitates the course navigation experience.

  1. Open Site Info > Tool Order
  2. Click on the gear cog icon to the right of extraneous tools, select Make Tool Invisible to Students, and Save.

You will continue to have access to the tools which display in your view as grayed out in the course tool menu. The tools will be hidden from the student view of the course tool menu

Learn more about configuring course tools and menu items

Please Submit a Ticket if you have any questions about the course template and for other assistance with CSC Online-Sakai.